Elephant Props


Bull Hooks (Ankus) (Guides)

Various Lengths Available

Stainless hook, cane $220 & up
Stainless, fiberglass $220 & up

Hook Blanks (Polished or Raw) available.

Grips available.

Handles Available: Hickory, Nylon, Fiberglass, Delron, Phenolic and various other synthetics.
Any Special Combinations and Designs Fabricated.

Aluminum Bull Tubs Quantity Prices Available $1375 & up

Brommel Hooks
Regular $55 / pair
Small $45 / pair

Steel $825 and up
Aluminum $1000 and up

Elephant Spindles $660 & up
Ride Platform for Elephants Varies With Design
Tusk Cap (with 3 inch Polished Aluminum Ball) Other styles available $200 and up

Elephant Related Gift Items

Custom Built Equipment, Inc.

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