Custom Built Equipment, Inc.

Prices vary widely due to complexity of individual customer's specifications. Stock items have price listings. General prices can be quoted on other items upon request. but exact price varies with material used and complexity of design. Large or complex items will be billed by time and materials. Please call for estimates.

Items listed are among those we have delivered at this time. If you do not see an item you want, just ask for a quote! We will consider developing any product you propose.

Custom Built Equipment, Inc. requires a down payment of approximately half before the item is started. Interest will be charged on unpaid accounts more than 30 days past due. Delivery time varies with your requirements and our workload.

All equipment should be safety inspected by the user before each use. If any sign of questionable wear, tear, fray, fracture checks and cracks, loose or missing parts is found, the equipment should not be used until those problems have been remedied and effected parts have been replaced. The customer's negligence in the proper set-up, inspection, and use of the product does not constitute liability on the part of the manufacturer.

All prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include transportation from Xenia, Ohio, to your location.

Please inquire via telephone [ (937) 372-7581 ] ,
FAX [ (937) 374-3546 ] or
E-Mail [ ]

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