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Animal Props Concession Equipment Perch Pole
Ball Bearing Eyebolt Cradle Prop Boxes
Belt Buckles Crane Bar Rigging Hooks
Blocks, Cable Desktop Miniature Bull Tubs Ring Curb
Blocks, Star™ Elephant Ride Platform Risley
Blocks, Wood Fabric, Silk/Chiffon Rolla Bolla
Brommel Hooks Fire Hoop Rolling Globes
Bull (Elephant) Hooks (aka Ankus) Floor Plates Roman Rings
Bull (Elephant) Tubs High Wire Shackles
Bull Tubs, Desktop Miniature Hula Hoops Slide Sleeves
Cable Houdahs Spanish Webs
Cable Accessories Ladders & Slides for Animals Stilts
Cable Ladder Loops, Hand, Foot & Neck Strap Act
Cable Shorteners Lyra Swivels
Cages, Animal Modification, Bicycle & Motorcycle Teeterboard
Chairs, Balance (Stack) Pedestals, Animal Toe Gimmick
Cloud Swing Pedestals, Performers Trapeze

Custom Built Equipment, Inc.

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